OwnZone feature in Polar products

The Polar OwnZone feature determines automatically an individual and safe training heart rate zone during the warm-up period (from 1 to 5 /2 to 10 minutes depending on the model) of an exercise session. This zone is called your OwnZone.

OwnZone suits the needs of people who exercise for either health or fitness.

Heart rate varies from heartbeat to heartbeat. The OwnZone determination is based on this heart rate variability (HRV). Heart rate variability is the variation in times between successive heartbeats.

The HRV of healthy heart is generally large in resting conditions and during light exercise and decreases as the heart rate and exercise intensity increase.

The HRV almost disappears when the exercise intensity is approximately 65% of the HRmax. The lower limit of the OwnZone is specified at this point.

In general, the individual OwnZone lower limit varies by 5-10 bpm, but occasionally, variations up to 30 beats can occur due to physiological factors. There is normal daily variation in the HRV. Stress, illness, unusual heavy exercise, etc. influence it, as well as the type of sport you are doing. We recommend that you determine your OwnZone before every exercise session, but especially if you change your exercise environment and/or your exercise mode or psychological state changes (e.g. you are feeling stressed).

There are different types of OwnZone features in Polar heart rate monitors (depending on the model) – OwnZone basic and OwnZone advanced. The percentage values show how OwnZone corresponds to HRmax.

OwnZone Advanced

The OwnZone Advanced feature divides the OwnZone Basic area into OwnZone High and OwnZone Low. This division provides greater variations in exercising, as the OwnZone Basic area can be rather wide for more focused exercising (for instance, up to 40 beats for a 20-year-old person).

The OwnZone Low corresponds to light-to-moderate/ moderate intensity level, or about 65-77% of your maximum heart rate. The OwnZone Low is ideal for a warm-up of any exercise, weight loss-related exercise for sedentary and less fit individuals, for those rehabilitating from a disease or for athletes recovering from more intensive training.

OwnZone High corresponds to moderate intensity or, at most, to heavy intensity exercise which typically targets to fitness benefits and corresponds to about 78-87% of your maximum heart rate. Switching to this intensity during exercise is useful, for instance, when you want to add a higher intensity section to your exercise.

You can switch between OwnZone Basic, Low and High during exercise simply by pressing and holding the SCROLL UP or SCROLL DOWN button while the stopwatch is running.

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