OwnZone determination is based on heart rate variation. To start your training session with OwnZone determination:

  1. Wear the transmitter. Make sure it is placed snugly on your chest and that the electrodes are well moistened.
  2. Wear the wrist unit and press the OK button.
  3. Press the DOWN button to select Start with OwnZone.
  4. Wait until your heart rate is displayed and press the OK button.
  5. The OwnZone determination begins; Walk Slowly is displayed.
  6. Follow the guidance of your training computer.
  7. At maximum there are five stages, one minute each: Walk Slowly → Walk → Walk fast → Jog → Run → Speed up
  8. OwnZone determination takes typically 3 to 4 minutes. When the determination is ready you will hear a beep. On the training computer display you see:
    • New limits in use if heart rate variation based determination was successful.
    • Previous limits in use if the determination fails and you have determined your OwnZone earlier.
    • Age-based limits in use if the determination fails because your heart rate rose too fast during the determination or it was too high at the beginning of the determination.

    Smiley face means that heart rate variability-based OwnZone determination was successful.

  9. Proceed with your training session normally. You can view your intensity limits during training via Zone Lock feature.

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