STAR Training Programme

A personal training programme on your wrist.

The STAR Training Programme shows you how hard and how much you need to train to reach your long-term goals. It's designed to keep you motivated all week and every week, using a personal guidance program that’s no further away than your wrist.

The adaptive and personalized Polar STAR Training Program helps you to reach your training targets. The training program gives you the optimal intensity, calorie, and time targets for your training and allows you to decide what kind of exercise you want to do and when.

The Polar STAR Training Program is based on your fitness level, activity level, training goal and user information (weight, height, age and sex).

Your training computer gives feedback on your performance after each training session and once a week. By analyzing your weekly training results and changing fitness level, the training computer adapts to your training habits and gives you training guidance for the following week.

When you create Polar STAR Training Program choose your training target. Your choice is:

  • Improve fitness if your target is to improve your current cardiovascular fitness level and you are able to train regularly.
  • Maximize fitness if your target is to maximize your current cardiovascular fitness level, you have been training regularly for at least 10 -12 weeks and training nearly every day is not a problem to you.
  • Lose weight if you want to lose some weight and you are able to train several hours per week. This option is only in the FT60 training computer.
  • After the Polar STAR Training Program is created your training computer gives you a training time and calorie target for the week. Further more the target training time is cut up for three different target intensity zones.

    During the Polar STAR Training program your training computer continuously analyzes your progress and adjusts by increasing or decreasing weekly training targets. The program is first time adjusted after six weeks of training. To optimize your training, the balance between training and recovery have to be ideal. If needed your training computer will assign you to have a recovery week that allows your body to recover and adapt to the stimulus that training has provided.

    Start your training session regularly with OwnZone determination to make your training computer take into account your long-term OwnZone results when updating the program targets.

    When you have successfully followed your Polar STAR Training Program your training computer rewards you with star(s) or a trophy.

    Polar Heart Rate Training: STAR Training Program

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