A warm welcome to Electro Hero, you may have seen us on Amazon, eBay (myElectroHero), or simply a Google search. We are an online retailer of commercial and consumer electronics. Electro Hero uses his special abilities to try to offer the premium brands in bundles that are hard to find anywhere else.

If you need a price for something urgently please leave a message on the phone, or click Contact Us.

Who are we?

Electro Hero is the brand name of Flo ventures Ltd who have been operating since 2009. Flo Venture's slogan is "innovative designs for modern living", we have launched several innovative websites and at Electro Hero we carry the Flo Ventures ethos with us. We are a specialist online retailer of consumer electronics, networking and computer parts. As an online retailer we take advantage of the lower operating costs (in warehousing, logistics, retail outlets, call centres, etc) and pass on the savings to you to enjoy lower prices.

Lower prices do not mean lower service

We are passionate about delivering a fulfilling experience for all our customers, that is why we have designed our website to be both informative and clear leading to a stress free convenient shopping experience. We believe in customer service and want your peace of mind so we introduced the 15 day money back guarantee, which can be seen on the home page of the website. We are here to serve, advise and help you. If you need anything please use our contact us page to get in touch or leave a message on 0844 500 11 32.